36th Annual Conference - "Rise Above the Risk"

Interactive Panel: Regional Issues in Watershed Management

By Louisiana Watershed Initiative

Community Adaptation for Resilience

By Dana Nunez Brown, Dana Brown & Associates

Assisting Neighbors When the Waters Rise

By Shandy Heil, LFMA DRT Coordinator

Real Time Forecasting Application in Contraband Bayou

By Jeanne Arceneaux Hornsby, C.H. Fenstermaker & Assoc., L.L.C.

Substantial Damage Review, Lousiana 2016 Aftermath, Recommendations, and Future

By John Miles, FEMA Region VI

Louisiana CTP Update

By Susan Veillon and Jerri Daniels

What is Flood Safety Worth?

By Jennifer C. Gerbasi, Terrebonne Parish Planning and Zoning Department

City of Covington's Drainage System Maintenance Program
By Chris Brown, City of Covington and

Monica Farris, UNO-CHART

Unnmapped Risks Associated with Local Flood Hazards

By Benjamin Pylant, Halff Associates




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