Rodney Edwin Emmer Award

Rod EmmerThis award is in recognition of meritorious activities in Floodplain Management within the State of Louisiana.  The award commemorates the many years of service that Mr. Emmer gave to LFMA.  He was our Executive Director from the beginning of time until he passed in 2009.  He was always there and his opinions were highly regarded and generally followed.  For 25 years, he provided leadership and a steadying influence.  
Mr. Emmer was a very special person who affected many lives inside and outside the Floodplain Community. Here is one “Letter to the Editor” that was sent in regards to the establishment of the Rodney E. Emmer Award. It describes the type of person he was and the passion that Mr. Emmer had for Floodplain Management.
If you would like to recognize a special person or group for the Rodney Edwin Emmer Award, please fill out a Nomination Form.
2010  Pam Mattingly
2011  Michael Hunnicutt
2012  Ted DeBaene
2013  Melissa Becker
2014  LSUAg Center/Pat Skinner
2015  Wayne Berggren
2016  James Demouchet
2017  Windell Curole
2018  Tom Rodrigue
2019  Cindy O’Neal
2022  Darla Duet